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USB Floppy Disk Driver for Windows CE

To install using an internet connection directly to your Handheld PC:

Step 1:

Check what kind of processor is built into your Handheld PC: ARM, MIPS or SH4. To check the processor type, open the Control Panel, double click the System icon, then click the Device tab.
Note the Processor Type, as shown below (in this case, the Processor Type is ARM).

Step 2:

Download the appropriate software for your handheld PC based on the Processor Type.
(Don't install on Windows CE.NET and Windows CE 5.0.)

ARM : Download http://www.yedata.com/support/fbu_arm.cab
(187,433 bytes)
MIPS : Download http://www.yedata.com/support/fbu_mips.cab
(136,737 bytes)
SH4 : Download http://www.yedata.com/support/fbu_sh4.cab
(108,054 bytes)

Step 3:

Double click the downloaded file; the driver for USB FDD will install automatically. The installer will ask where to install the USBFDD.txt file; please click OK to install. After the install has finished, you can find USBFDD.txt on the Desktop; please read this file.

Step 4:

Connect the USB FDD to your handheld PC and insert a formatted diskette into the USB FDD. The diskette can be accessed as the "Storage Card" folder by double clicking on the "My Handheld PC" icon. The computer will address the floppy disk as if it were a memory card, because that is the usual means of storage for a handheld PC.

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