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Privacy policy
Declaration on Personal Information Protection Y-E Data Inc.
Y-E Data Inc. (hereafter 'Y-E Data') recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information for both our clients and personnel, and as such manages and uses all such information in accordance with the following policies.

Privacy Policy Statement Y-E Data Inc.
The following statement sets forth Y-E Data's rules of compliance for appropriate management of personal information.
1. Compliance with laws and regulations
  Y-E Data complies with laws, regulations, and guidelines related to protection of personal information.
2. Strict and appropriate information control
  Y-E Data carries out safety measures and promotes education to prevent inappropriate access of information or the loss, destruction, falsification and leak of information under control of the personal information manager.
3. Purposes and scopes of use
  Y-E Data specifies the purposes of collecting personal information to its customers in advance and uses the information obtained only within the scope Y-E Data has notified or made public.
4. Disclosure Regulation and Management
  Y-E Data rigorously protects the confidentiality of personal information in its care; all use of personal information is strictly managed to ensure adherence to the terms originally agreed upon by the client, in full compliance with the law. Disclosure of any personal information shall be carried out as outlined in a prior agreement with the client, and managed with strictest care by Y-E Data.
5. Continuous efforts to improve operations
  Y-E Data will regularly update knowledge and awareness of information management and continuously endeavor to improve internal compliance systems.

Questions regarding our privacy policy should be directed to:

Y-E Data Personal Information Office
Tel: +81-4-2932-9850
Fax: +81-4-2932-9881

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