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USB Safety Adapter YD-8V75
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New Kiosk card reader
USB Safety Adapter YD-8V75

Write-blocking adapter prevents computer virus infection of USB Flash memory media.

1. Write-block protection of connected USB Flash media
A. Prevents virus infection from Host PC.
B. Prevents data corruption due to erroneous operation.

2. Media emulation function
A. Prevention of device (KB/Mouse) connection except the USB Flash memory media.
Increases tamper resistance of Kiosk system.
B. Shortens USB Flash media recognition time
(30 seconds → few seconds)

・ Specifications
OS Windows XP SP2 or later
Windows VISTA
USB Interface USB Specification Rev. 2.0 compliant
Temperature/Relative Humidity 5 to 40 °C (during operation)
30 to 80%RH (during operation)
No condensation (during non-operation)
Power supply spec. DC +4.75V to +5.25V
External Dimensions 53.9mm(W), 43.0mm(D), 14.15mm(H)
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