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Kiosk Reader/Writer
KIOSK Reader

Variable module-combination
Flexible layout possibilities! Three types of units.
Each card slot has a big two colored mount/access lamp.
The lamps can also be controlled by a host PC, and these can be used as guide lamps to assist customers to find a proper slot.
User-friendly push-in/push-out type connectors
This kiosk-oriented card reader supports 12 major types of media.

HighSpeed interface

  • Memory cards for mobile phones such as miniSD, MS Duo, MS PRO Duo, and RS-MMC are supported without any adaptor.
  • Ir (infrared) port prepared.
  • Pin Protection against incorrect insertion of CF cards.
  • High performance and reliability to support the kiosk.
  • 5.25" Bracket for PC is available (option).
  • 4 port HUB Board is available (option).
  • An xD licence is unnecessary for customers if the Y-E Data logo is applied to the front bazel as Y-E Data is an xD licensee.

  • Specifications In that case you need the full product specifications , please feel free to contact sales.
    Supported media
    CompactFlash TM *3
    SmartMedia TM *1
    Memory Stick TM *2 *3
    Memory Stick PRO TM *2 *3
    Memory Stick Duo TM *2
    Memory Stick PRO Duo TM *2
    SD Memory Card TM *2 *3
    miniSD TM Card *2
    MultiMediaCard TM  
    Microdrive TM  
    xD-Picture Card TM  
    RS-MMC TM  
    *1: Only 3.3V type of SmartMedia are supported.
    *2: This product does not support copy-protected data.
    *3: This product does not support I/O cards.
    Basic Specification
    System Requirements Windows 2000(SP3 or later)
    Windows XP
    Interface Complies with USB Specification Rev. 2.0
    480Mbps (High Speed), 12Mbps (Full Speed)
    * INTEL USB2.0 EHCI host controller is recommended for IrDA communication.
    Power Requirements DC +4.75V to +5.25V 2A (Max)
    Standard Mode:
    Green (the card is mounted)
    Aalternately Green and Orange (the card is accessed)
    Program Mode:
    Red, Green, Orange (for guide lamp)
    Size 125mm(W), 18mm(H), 72mm(D)
    Temperature 5 to40 °C (during operation)
    -30 to 60 °C (during non-operation)
    Relative Humidity 30 to80 % (during operation)
    No condensation (during non-operation)
    Weight Module-A 91.5g(TYP), Module-B 89.8g(TYP), Module-C 100.5g(TYP)
    Panel Color Black / Ivory
      Card reader YD-8V31 works with the standard built-in Microsoft's drivers. Optional software is available that changes the drive icon to the each image of the medium. For details, see the table below.
    OS Windows

    (SP3 or later)


    (SP1 or later)

    Media image drive icon compatibility




    * Due to improvements of the product, the specification, external appearance , and standard are subject to change without prior notice.
    * Y-E Data shall not be held responsible for direct and indirect damage or loss , caused from failure of the product or during the use of the product.
    * In case that the user intends to export the product, check the Foreign Exchange Regulations and the Foreign Trade Control Law to go through necessary procedures.

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