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UWB Wireless
UWB Wireless HUB/Dongle

1. Frees your PC from the USB cable jungle. Simply connect the wireless dongle to your PC, and your existing wired USB devices (HDD, DVD, mouse, keyboard, printer, digital camera, etc.) to the wireless hub. Now you can operate your wired USB devices with wireless technology.

2. Low power Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology minimizes interference with other wireless products.

3. The high transfer rate (480 Mbps) allows high density data or video content to be transferred with ease.

Specifications Please contact the Sales Dept. for the full product specification.
Common specifications
Items Specification
Frequency range 4.488GHz}264MHz (for Japan market)
Maximum output power -41.3dBm/MHz
RF modulation type Multiband OFDM
PHY data transfer rate 480Mbps
Supported OS WindowsXP SP2
Wireless dongle specifications
Items Specification
Configuration USB Dongle ( for host side), USB-A plug
Size 96.2mm(D), 29.8mm(W), 9.4mm(H)

Power requirement
Power consumption

+5V (provided by USB port of host PC), 350mA
Wireless hub specifications
Items Specification
Configuration 4-port hub( device side), USB-A connector
Size 79.5mm(D), 103.0mm(W), 19.0mm(H)

Power requirement
Power consumption

+5V (provided by external AC adapter)
600 mA (hub) + 4 * 500 mA/port

The range and throughput of wireless UWB technology depend on the room environment, the location and the direction of the dongle and hub.

Items Specification
Operational range up to 10m max (sometimes 3m or less)
Effective transfer rate up to 30 Mbps max (sometimes 20 Mbps or less)
Connection map
1. The YD-300 is not compliant with WiMedia nor Certified Wireless USB.
2. The USB dongle requires a Hi-speed, USB EHCI Host Controller (USB 2.0). The USB dongle does not work if connected to a USB 1.1 OHCI/UHCI host controller or via a USB 1.1 hub.
3. The YD-300 does not support isochronous transfers. USB speakers, audio devices (USB Audio class), and Web cameras (USB Video class) which have isochronous endpoints are not supported.
4. Compatibility with all USB products on the market is not guaranteed.
5. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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