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UWB Wireless


UWB Wireless HUB/Dongle YD-300
Japan's first Wireless UWB technology product
Realize high speed data transfer


Kiosk Reader/Writer
Over-the-counter printing terminals for digital cameras placed in kiosks.

YD-8V23 Internal Mobile Media Drive

Kiosk reader supporting miniSD, MS Duo, MS Pro Duo and RS MMC used with mobile phone.
YD-8V27 Internal OctoMediaDrive
Pro Plus

Kiosk reader supporting 12 types of media including miniSD, MS Duo, MS PRO Duo, and RS-MMC cards used with mobile phones.
YD-8V31 KIOSK Reader

Supporting 12 types of media.Flexible layout posibilities with 3 individual units. Easy to use with 'Push-In/Push-Out' connectors.

Memory Card Reader/Writer

YD-8V30 ExpressCard Reader 5in1

Multi card reader/writer supporting the new-generation ExpressCard slot.
YD-8V25 OctoMediaDrive 3

External multi card reader/writer supporting 12 types of media.
YD-8V06 Internal OctoMediaDrive 2

Internal card reader/writer supporting 12types of media. Installable into a standard 3.5 inch drive bay.
  YD-8V07 Internal 7in1 Drive 3

Internal card reader/writer supporting 7 types of media, plus 3.5 inch Floppy Disk Drive.

Floppy Disk Drive

4x Slim-FBU/2x Slim-FBU/Slim-FBU

Slim-FBU YD-8U10
2x Slim-FBU YD-8U12
4x Slim-FBU YD-8U14

USB interface
External floppy disk drives with quadruple speed, double speed,
and single speed

Internal FDD Internal 1inch height FDD YD-702D
Internal half-inch height FDD

FDD interface

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