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EDS Products (Introduction)

EDS stands for Engineered Design Service. EDS products support a series of development processes, which range from meetings on specifications to development; design to prototyping, evaluation, and mass production development; and from design to mass production (production bases in Japan and overseas).
Y-E Data develops its EDS products with our core technologies that have been accumulated in the course of developing read/write systems for magnet- and silicon-based memory.

Y-E Data's Core Technologies

  Our Core Technologies for Development
  --Mechanical structure design
--Circuit design (digital, analog)
--Circuit pattern design
--Software development (drivers, firmware, utilities)
--PC design
  Y-E Data's Component Procurement
  --Direct purchasing from overseas suppliers
--Connection with overseas suppliers (in Taiwan, China)
  Y-E Data's Manufacturing (SMT, assembling)

--From manufacturing small lots of prototypes to mass-production in Japan and overseas
--Y-E Data can build mass- production systems with relatively low initial investment cost constructed by our know-how of local procurement and local manufacturing in China, and our achievements accumulated in the manufacturing of PCs and OEM products for the last 12 years.
(Manufacturing 500k units/month of FDDs and card readers, respectively)


EDS Product Development Cases

Y-E Data develops and supplies EDS products, including different substrates that are mainly built in PC-applied products and other equipment, as stated below.

PC-Applied Products

Reception terminals and ordering terminals Reception terminals and ordering terminals

These terminals are used on tables in restaurants and other stores. They can be linked to a backbone system via LAN.
  The display shows menus, allowing you to order whenever you like.
The touch panel is easy to show menus and prices.
A wireless and wired LAN links to the kitchen.
Quick and direct orders (no order processing mistake)
Reducing load on workers
The SD card stores menus.
Easy to change and rewrite menus
* CPU PXA270 series
* LCD + touch panel
* CF wireless LAN adapter
* 10/100BASE-T
* TCP/IP protocol
* RS232C
* Windows CE 5.0
Thin client terminal Thin client terminal

Digital camera photo print order terminal mostly placed in DPE shops.
Appliance server Appliance server

Rack-mounting server complied with the EIA standard, with security software and other applications installed.
* CPU Intel , AMD
* RAID , Hot-Plug
* 1PU , 1/2U
* Dual LAN
* Linux

Mobile-Applied Products

Mobile-Applied Products Buisiness PDA

PDA terminals for medical facilities, restaurants, life insurance companies.
* PXA270 series
* CF wireless LAN module
* LCD + Touch panel
* AC/Battery-driven
* RS-232C, IrDA
* Scanner (printer)
* WindowsCE
Multi Media Player (MPEG/MP3) Multi Media Player (MPEG/MP3)

Mobile multimedia player that can play MP3 pictures, back up photos taken with digital cameras, and display still JPEG/MPEG on TV.
  Linked to a PC via USB
MP3 play
Backing up photo data of digital cameras
Outputting data onto a TV
* SD media reader
* MP3 Player
* USB/SD Slot
* MPEG/JPEG decode
- NTSC/PAL (TV output)
* AC/Battery-driven
* LCD monitor
* Audio
* Silicon storage

Communication Network Board

Ethernet-RS-232C / USB Board Ethernet-RS-232C / USB Board

LAN adapter to build a LAN on TCP/IP. It is embedded in business terminals with no LAN function and in PC peripherals.
  Transmitting equipment conditions via LAN
Remote control of equipment conditions, which leads to early detection and analysis of disorder data and to recovery in a shortest time.
Continuous monitoring of equipment conditions and remote operation.
* 32bit RISC CPU
* 10/100BASE-T
* TCP/IP protocol
* RS-232C
* Built-in OS
Ethernet-RFID / Felica communication board Ethernet-RFID / Felica communication board

Communication adapter, embedded in business equipment, which transmits RFID, Felica, and other data via LAN.
* 32Bit RISC CPU
* 10/100 BASE-T
* RFID and Felica built-in OS
RS-232C / USB communication board for business mobile packet transfer RS-232C / USB communication board for business mobile packet transfer

Communication adapter that communicates, on mobile carrier, with end users for business terminal condition data
* 32Bit RISC CPU
* 10/100 BASE-T
* Mobile communication module for business
* RS-232C built-in OS

Multipurpose System Built-in Board

Memory card viewer for TV (JPEG / MPEG / MP3) board Memory card viewer for TV (JPEG / MPEG / MP3) board

Multimedia board embedded in TVs and projectors that transfers JPEG and MPEG via memory card to TVs.
  Displaying images, taken with a digital camera, on large TV screens and with a projector.
High resolution compliant with XGA
The e-mail function informs a blowout of the projector to managing system.
* Memory Card Viewer
* SD Card Reader
- The supported memory card
is changeable
* USB (master or device)
* 10/100BASE-T LAN
* JPEG/MPEG decode
- Analog I/F TV
- Digital I/F TV
* XGA (1024x768) drawing
Memory card contents writer (various memory cards) Memory card contents writer (various memory cards)

A type of gang writer for memory card that can write digital contents on up to 8 memory cards at the same time.
* USB interface
* Supports various memory cards including SD memory cards
* Supports secured cards

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