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Procurement Policy

  Y-E Data will procure goods and/or services which meet our demand as product quality, price and delivery lead-time while complying with all applicable laws and regulations, and improving environmental protection activities. Also, Y-E Data will establish cooperative and mutually beneficial relationships and maintain fair and equitable partnerships with all suppliers.

Basic Policies
  1. Compliance with laws and regulations and environmental considerations
    In procuring material goods and/or services, Y-E Data will comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which we operate. And we will also give due consideration to the protection of both the environment and the resource.
  2. Fair and open business transactions
    Y-E Data will provide all of our suppliers, both in Japan and overseas, with business opportunities on a fair and equitable basis regarding product quality, prices, delivery, service, and environmental considerations.
  3. Strengthening of partnerships with suppliers and providing business opportunities for potential suppliers.
    Y-E Data works to provide business opportunities to all domestic and overseas potential suppliers. And we also strive to establish good partnerships with potential suppliers based on mutual understanding and trust to manufacture high-quality products.
Suppliers Selection Policies
  On the occasion of global supply of Y-E Data's products, we must take customer's demands and requests, concerning the procurement of goods and/or services, into consideration. Therefore, each of our suppliers (including potential suppliers) is expected to perform the following.:
  1 Suppliers comply with all applicable laws and regulations and promote the environmental protection activities.
  2 Suppliers have sound business operations.
  3 Suppliers supply goods and/or services to Y-E Data with emphasis on adequate quality, price and delivery lead-time.
  4 Suppliers have the ability to provide a stable supply of goods and/or services and have the flexibility to respond quickly to demand fluctuation.
  5 Suppliers possess technology that contributes positively to Y-E Data's products.

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