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Procuring Components

Main items Types Specifications
Integrated circuit Linear IC Comparator, Regulator
Logic IC Standard logic IC
CPU/DSP 16bit, 32bit
Wiring component Electrical wire/Cable UL-approved vinyl electrical wire, AC cable, USB cable
Connector Memory card connector
Various types of half-pitch connectors and USB connectors
Harness Various types of harness assemblies
PWB Glass-epoxy plastic, double layer to 8 layers,
Thickness= 0.8 to 1.6mm
Display unit LCD panel TFT-color, 7 〜 21.5inch
Optical component Lens D.I.A.10 to D.I.A.30mm, fθ lens
Mirror D.I.A.30 to D.I.A.50mm
Laser YAG(355nm,532nm,1064nm), CO2(10.6um)
Chiller, Dust Collector, Optical Bench
Linear Linear actuator Length: 2000 to 3000mm, Thrust: 500 to 1000N
UV radiation 750W to 2000W
Conveyor Conveyor (The food, The medical industry), (glass substrate for LCD)
Case Former,
Carton Sealer
Case Former, Carton Sealer
Measuring instrument Weight checker
Mechanical assembling Conveyor for LCD
Machining General machining (rounding, grinding)
High-precision processing (stainless, aluminum, etc.)
(Large-type and medium-type gantry machining centers)
Sheet metal processing High accuracy, Welding steel frames
Thickness (0.1 to 3 mm)
Laser beam machining Small YAG welding
Molded plastics ABS resin / PS resin moldings in die
Surface treatment Heat treatment, electroplating, coating, Gold plating
In case that goods and/or service we procure from a supplier infringe on the intellectual property right owned by others, the supplier shall be liable to that infringement.

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