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Procuring Components

Main items Types Specifications
Integrated circuit Linear IC Comparator, Regulator
Logic IC Standard logic IC
CPU/DSP 16bit, 32bit
Wiring component Electrical wire/Cable UL-approved vinyl electrical wire, AC cable, USB cable
Connector Memory card connector
Various types of half-pitch connectors and USB connectors
Harness Various types of harness assemblies
PWB Glass-epoxy plastic, double layer to 8 layers,
Thickness= 0.8 to 1.6mm
Display unit LCD panel TFT-color, 7 ` 21.5inch
Optical component Lens D.I.A.10 to D.I.A.30mm, f lens
Mirror D.I.A.30 to D.I.A.50mm
Laser YAG(355nm,532nm,1064nm), CO2(10.6um)
Chiller, Dust Collector, Optical Bench
Linear Linear actuator Length: 2000 to 3000mm, Thrust: 500 to 1000N
UV radiation 750W to 2000W
Mechanical assembling Conveyor for LCD
Machining General machining (rounding, grinding)
High-precision processing (stainless, aluminum, etc.)
(Large-type and medium-type gantry machining centers)
Sheet metal processing High accuracy, Welding steel frames
Thickness (0.1 to 3 mm)
Laser beam machining Small YAG welding
Molded plastics ABS resin / PS resin moldings in die
Surface treatment Heat treatment, electroplating, coating, Gold plating
In case that goods and/or service we procure from a supplier infringe on the intellectual property right owned by others, the supplier shall be liable to that infringement.

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