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Linking policy


Y-E DATA welcomes customers to link to our website.
Customers are required to read and agree to the gLinking Policyh, in prior to linking.
At the time when customers have set a link, Y-E DATA deems that they have understood and agreed to abide by gLinking Policyh. Furthermore, please be forewarned that at the point when Y-E DATA assessed inappropriate of the linked website, you may be requested to reset the link.

*Web site that our company has opened to the public (Japanese)

Linking Policy

T.Contact address for linking

Please contact gsoumu@yedata.co.jph and ask for permission before setting links to our website.

U.Web sites that are not allowed to establish a link to this website

We do not permit any website defined below or websites that may fall into these website categories to establish a link to this website.

  1. websites that libel or defame Y-E DATA, its affiliated companies, their board members, their employees or third parties.
  2. websites that undermine peoplefs trust in Y-E DATA or the dignity of Y-E DATA, including those websites that offend the public order and morals.
  3. websites that have illegal or possibly illegal contents, or that are engaged with illegal or possibly illegal activities.
  4. websites that mislead third parties by disguising the fact that this website is operated by Y-E DATA, by any method, including running this website in their frame.
  5. websites that give visitors a false impression that they have a partnership or cooperative relation with Y-E DATA or that Y-E DATA is familiar with and supports their websites activities.

V.Link method

Authorization/agreement from Y-E DATA is required in order to use trademarks and other intellectual property held by Y-E DATA including logos. Therefore, users are prohibited to use them as link icons. Alternatively, we have prepared the following banner image for the purpose of linking websites only. Please make use of it as a link icon by downloading it.

Linking to homepage ghttp://www.yedata.co.jp/h
  1. Notice for setting text links
    Use either g CEC[Ef[^h gCEC[Ef[^h or gY-E DATAh for the name of the text link.
  2. Notice for setting banner links
    Use the following as banner. Do not use this banner except for linking to ghttp://www.yedata.co.jp/h
    Do not change the shape of the banner, change the color or modify the banner in any ways.

Size(W140xH39), No frameborder(0pt), Alternative text (Refer to the above notice for setting text links)

How to download the banner
Click right button of your mouse on the image of the banner above and chose gSave Picture Asch

Other cases than above
  1. Notice for setting text links
    As for the name of the text link, in principle, please use the title of the linked page. However names that reflect the content of the page are acceptable

W.Others notices

Y-E DATA will not accept any liability to customers or third parties for compensation for damages incurred in relation to websites which have established a link to this website, or for complaints or demands made in relation to those websites. Furthermore, we have set gTerms of Useh and gPrivacy Policyh separately. Therefore, visitors are required to read and abide by them.

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