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Laser Marking Machine for LCD panel
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Laser Marking Machine for LCD panel

Laser Coding Machine for FPD products
Laser Marking Machine for LCD munufucturing products

Marking ID on LCD panel by Laser. 2-dimensional code & OCR character are available as IDs. The machine is composed of Opto-technology (Laser, Galvanometer control etc.) and Mechatoronics that can offer the best qualified & flexible solution against the various marking needs.

Machine Spec (Exsample)
Light Source Solid State Laser (Wave Length 355nm), Laer Diode(408nm, 375nm)
Glass Size Support 10 generation
Glass thickness 0.5mm 0.7mm (TBD)
Tact Time Standard 45sec (TBD)
2 Dimensional Code Data matrix, M(Veri), QR etc.
Machine Size 3200 X 5700 X 3950(mm)

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