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Scanner units
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Scanner units (3D-type)

The scanner unit (3D-type) is a galvano system with Z-axis lens. The Z-axis lens focuses laser beam on the 3D-work or the plane work without f lens, and tracking line of laser beam is controlled with laser power.

RD galvano scanner unit (ModelFYD-300)
ELaser welding, cutting, drilling
ELaser marking
E3D printer
Many standard scanner units are prepared
ELaser wave length:
@9.6`10.6 m@iCO2 laser j
@1030`1070 nm@iFiber laser, YAG, YVO4 j,
@532 nm iSHGj, 355nm iTHGj
EDynamic focusing is available for a 3D work.
Precise machining Standard machining Wide area machining
Scanning area 200~200mm 300~300mm 500~500mm
Elliptic ratio at the corner @10
Focusing range for Z-axis }20mm }30mm }50mm
Beam spot diameter
10.6 m 360m 520m 840m
1064nm 36m 52m 84m
532nm 18m 26m 42m
355nm 12m 17m 28m
Weight About 23kg
Dimension L460 ~ W220 ~ H220@mm
Option CCD Camera (coaxial) , Expander optics, Connecter for fiber

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