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Robot application system for Factory automation
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¥ Robot Application System for Factory Automation

Factory Automation Robot System

Offer the best robot solutions for a wide variety of issues.

- Full line-up MOTOMAN robots
MOTOMAN is a robot made by YASKAWA Electric Corporation.
- Proposal for required environment
- Proposal for application optimizing solution

¥ Automation
Screw Fastening

Feeding to Press Machine

Screw Fastening

Feeding to Press Machine

Operating robot suitable for applications
accurately and in high-speed


  • ›Adopt the application optimizing robot
  • ›Robot applications without stopping the work conveyor
  • ›Proposal of the total solution to all processes
¥ Applicable in Severe Environment
Drum Cleaning

Drum Cleaning

Robot to operate in environment subject to
water drops, dust and so on


  • ›Waterproof and dustproof structure, anti-corrosion coating
  • ›Robot jacket for heat resistance and metal powder
  • ›Simple operations and enhanced monitoring functions
¥ Dual-Arm Robot
Masking Tape Sticking to Substrate

Masking Tape Sticking to Substrate

Automation of manual labor without
changing the equipment layout


  • ›Human size, slim arm and reduced installation space
  • ›Both arms work together or independently
  • ›Smart motion as human

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