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Robot application system for Food / Medical industries
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Robot Application System for Food / Medical industries

Robot picking and packing system for food / medical

- Proposal of the total solution to all processes, including aligner, picking robot, robot caser, box-maker, box-sealer, binding machine, robot palletizer and so on - Dedicated clean robots for the food / medical production - Proposal for robot system suitable for products, considering product shape and manufacturing state - Robot palletizer with highest-speed motion in its class

Smart Robot Picking System
Fish Cake Picking

Fish Cake Picking
Please consult us for type of food or picking capability

Picking and placing foods in specified
pattern using the feeder


  • Picking in high-speed to match the capability of the packaging machine
  • Picking food of various kinds
  • Picking and placing in any specified pattern
  • Picking food cleanly
Robot Picking System using 3-dimension Vision Sensor
Fish Cake Picking

PET bottle Picking
Please consult us for type of bottle or picking capability

Picking and placing bottles in specified
pattern using 3-dimension vision sensor without the feeder


  • Picking bottles stacked in the container from the top
  • High speed and high accuracy recognition
  • No equipment for bottle supply

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