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Head units for high power laser applications
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Head units for high power laser applications

This scanner head unit is for laser welding and cutting with high power laser (around 8kW ). It is available to provide the synchronized motion and laser control with the galvano scanner and an external shaft such as the robot or the X-Y table, i.e.. "On-The-Fly control is available using YASKAWA robot.

The scanner head unit a moving Z-lens instead of the f lens. The scanner head unit is available 3D laser welding for wide area.

3D galvano head unit (Model: YD-3000M) for high power multi-mode fiber laser
EWelding, cutting and drilling for metal.
EHigh reliability for high power laser (8kW)
EDynamic focusing for 3D work
EAvailable QBH and LLK-D connecter
EAvailable On-the-fly welding with YASKAWA robot
Optical Magnification 2.4 3.8 5.0
Scanning area 150~140 250~240 310~300
Focusing range
}60mm }100mm }130mm
Position repeatability }30m }50m }75m
Elliptic ratio at the Conner of the scanning area @5
Size and Weight L325W189H460 about 24kg
(without air-knife and nozzle)
Option Air knife, Air nozzle, CCD Camera (coaxial)

Welding System Example-1
using Y-E DATA galvano controller
Welding System Example-2 (On-the-fly)
using YASKAWA robot controller

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