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Laser and optical units
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・ Laser and optical units

・ Laser and optical units
・ Laser and optical units combine the optical table with laser, scanner unit and optics.
・ Optimum laser and optical units are available for Y-E DATA's scanner units.
・ Racks for the laser and optical units are prepared as standard products.

・ Y-E DATA is able to provide optimum designed units for laser beam qualities such as M2, etc. .
・ A customer is able to use motion products such as XY stage, θ Stage and Z stage with the units.
・ The units is suitable for R&D and a small production.

Combination results with laser
 ・Spectra Physics Explorer,Talon,Quasar
 ・Coherent MATRIX,AVIA,Diamond,Rapid
 ・Advanced Optowave A-Wave series
 ・Access Laser L series
 ・Photonics Industries DS series

All kind of lasers



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