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Dipping Machine
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Termination System  MTS Series Dipping machine for electric components production MTS Series

This machine is a Dipping system for MLCC and MLCI and other passive parts.Formed an external electrode of the high quality to miniaturized parts. We can supply not only Dipping Machine but also Loading Machine, Pressing Machine, and other Jigs (fixture).We can also offer the fully-automatic machine matched to your request.


Standard system type MTS-100
Size of Machine 800×850×1100
Weight 320 kg
Standard use CP 180mm X 280mm
Rated voltage 100 V, single phase (Option, 200V, 220V, 240V)
Air 0.5〜0.8 Mpa
Basic operation Pre-Press, Dip, Blot, WBlot, Blot cycle,
*Array Type Termination system is also in existence.

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