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Galvano Controller 3000CD
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■Galvano Controller 3000CD

Galvano Controller  3000CD
・Galvano controller for FA
・Interpreter of galvano control
・2 axes or 3 axes control for scanner
・10 μs cycle control
・laser control (Analog, PWM)
・Wobbling motion for welding
・On-the-Fly control with other motors or robot

Power Input Voltage, Current AC100V/200V 4.0A
Ehther 100base-TX/10BASE-T 2ports(HUB)
I/F module Laser
PWM Pulse width time 0〜3276 μs   50ns step
Signal level Photo transistor sink output DC5V ±5%
TTL output (active High)
Inable signal Photo transistor sink/source output
Analog Signal level 0〜10V,  0〜1V、2V.  5V(Option)
Inable signal Photo transistor sink/source output
PWM, Analog
Laser on/off delay time: 0〜65535 μs. 1μs step.
Laser on time:
DIO Output 4 sink/source Input
Input 4 photo transistor sink output
Encoder Input 2CH 2 Phase pulse encode Input

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