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Service Description

Data Collection
If you want to search or analyze data by yourself, the following three types of services are available.
1) Media Duplication Makes physical copies of your CD/DVD/MO/HDD media. You are requested to provide blank media for copying. We can also buy such blank media upon your request.
2) File Extraction - Extracting files in the existing file system
-Recovering deleted files
-Collecting file fragments
3) Dividing a disk volume -Spliting the whole volume of a disk into smaller units that an ordinary binary/text editor can handle and delivering them as logical files with sequential numbers.
General Data Search
The following services are available after data collection.
1) Examining the operating conditions of a system
2) Searching records of file accesses
3) Searching data for Internet and telecommunication environments
4) Searching files created/updated during a specific period
5) Searching files and e-mails for specified character strings
Special Data Search
A service where we search for the content of files or data, when requested by a client, so that the client can inspect the content and decide what to do. Examples of this service include "searching for files that are likely to be involved in the forgery of official documents" and "searching for data fragments ."
Recovery of Data on the PC of the Deceased
This service is limited to cases where there is no suspicion of any criminal acts.
1) Collecting files under the existing file structure
2) Examining the operating conditions of a system
3) Importing mails (you need to deposit your PC with us)

About Lawsuits
YD Forensics Service collect and search data recorded on media provided by a client. The results will be reported to the client only in the format fixed by Y-E Data.
Note, however, that we neither make a document addressing to a suit nor appear in the court for testimony.

Other Precautions
If you cannot read data because of failure in access to the media, our data recovery service, offered by the Ontrack Division of Y-E Data, is available.
Depending on the result of the data recovery, you can decide whether or not to use our additional forensics services.

For information, call A. Matsuo at +81-4-2931-1200
Computer Forensic Service Group

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