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Service Flow

1. Contact Y-E Data by e-mail or phone.
2. You will receive an application from us.
3. Enter your desired service course and request in the application, and send back the application to us, together with the data media to be processed.
4. You will receive a receipt of acceptance from us after we receive the data media from you.
5. We will contact you to coordinate your request after we check whether your desired service and searching method are feasible.
6. You will receive service agreement from us after we complete coordination of your request. Affix your name and seal impression on the agreement and return one copy to us. Agreements received by mail or FAX will be considered valid and binding.
7. We will search your data media for files and make a list of collected files that match your criteria. We will also collect file usage data from the media if that service is requested.
8. After completing our search, we will make a search report and list the files and other data that were found. The report and collected files will be stored on the media of your choice. We will then deliver this media to you, together with the original media received in step 3 above.

For information, call A. Matsuo at +81-4-2931-1200
Computer Forensic Service Group

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