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Clients of YD Forensics Services

1. Government agencies (the police, Public Prosecutor' Office, National Tax Administration Agency, and other ministries and agencies and their branch offices)
2. Corporations (juridical persons)
3. Law firms and lawyers
4. Auditing firms
5. Individuals
  For individuals, our services are limited to the following two cases because the services include the searching of personal information.
  a) Family's request for collection of data on the PC owned or used by the deceased
b) Family's request for collection or search of data of the PC owned or used by a missing family member
  An individual client is required to produce official certification that indicates the client is authorized to make a request mentioned above.
  Our services are also available to individuals who have brought a civil suit and who can produce a copy of the paper indicating that the civil suit has been accepted and filed.

For information, call A. Matsuo at +81-4-2931-1200
Computer Forensic Service Group

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