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YD Forensics offers forensic search and analysis services. We can read large amounts of data from your electronic devices and deliver it in the format you desire, or search computerized data for keywords and content that you specify, all within a short period of time.

Since the Law Protecting Personal Information was enacted, Japanese companies have been required to build corporate information systems that guard against leakage. However, companies will need much effort if they plan to establish a system that can handle all cases by themselves.

Similarly, the ordinary PC operation environment of corporations face many difficulties in meeting the requirements for submitting material requested by audit agencies, the National Tax Administration Agency authorities, and other administrative agencies; in searching data for proof or disproof required to support civil suits or criminal trials; and in identifying the source of information leakage in an information leak incident.

Y-E Data's Forensics Service provides the answers, supporting clients who need to search computerized, electronic data for specific keywords and content.

Targeted Services
1. Searching computerized data for proof and disproof in civil and criminal suits.
2. Meeting requirements for past pertinent material requested by audit agencies and public agencies.
3. Searching computerized data for traces of files pertinent to information leak incidents; capture operating conditions, such as the creation, use, and deletion of files; and searching computers for leak traces including usage of the communication environment
4. Reading electronic data of deceased and missing persons

For information, call A. Matsuo at +81-4-2931-1200
Computer Forensic Service Group
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