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Data Recovery Services

The reliable service to save your important data from a risk of disappearance

In a technical alliance with "Ontrack", which leads the world data recovery service industry, we have opened first special laboratory in Japan. We recover your data and files promptly from various media and systems such as PCs, file servers, HDDs, MOs, compact flash and memory disks, tape, etc. We also provide on-line Remote Data Recovery service via the Internet, with no need to transport data outside your facility; EasyRecovery data recovery software; and PowerControls mailbox recovery software. Furthermore, we offer the data callback and search service corresponding to risk management for lawsuits and disputes for rights of intellectual property.

The reliable partner for risk management: YD Forensic Services

This is the service to search legally valuable data for our customers from vast computer data. We contribute to risk management necessary to operate your business. This service is expected to increase significantly, with the rise of criminal and civil actions, disputes for rights for intellectual property or patents, and accidents of information leakage.

Power Controls EasyRecovery
Mailbox management and recovery software
to access and search emails promptly
and easily, using backups of Exchange Server.
  Customers can recover data and make a disk
diagnosis promptly and easily by themselves using
this software.
Remote DataRecovery DataRecovery
Remote diagnosis and on-line data recovery of hard disks and file servers via the Internet. Quick and secure; your data does not leave your site.   Our most reliable service where we diagnose and recovery your data at our laboratory. Our special engineers can handle HDDs and media that have physical damage. Great for MS-SQL, Exchange, and MS-Office file repairs too.

For more information,

  • Telephone Ontrack Japan at +81-4-2932-6365
  • Browse the Ontrack Japan web site.

  • About our Information Security
    In order to accomplish our mission to keep and recover our customers' important data, we have a complete confidentiality framework by establishing the exclusive area separated from other departments in our office, checking our staff when entering and leaving the room, giving permissions to only qualified staff to work in the limited and isolated area, and having the exclusive network for data recovery operation separated from other internal operations.
    We deal carefully with all of our customers' data, not only personal information, as confidential information.

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