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Sep. 1973 Founded Y-E Data Inc. with its head office in Kita-otsuka, Toshima-ku
Started importing and marketing the Orbis 8-inch floppy disk drives
Dec. 1974 Started importing and marketing line printers
Jan. 1975 Released the very first made-in-Japan floppy disk drive
Sep. 1978 Developed and released line printers

Jun. 1981 Moved head offices to Higashi Ikebukuro
Dec. 1985 Listed in the second section on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Jun. 1986 Established Y-D Logistics, a joint venture with Yaskawa Logistics Corporation (Core business: logistics services such as land transportation, bale packaging, and warehouse management)
Jun. 1987 Established an affiliate company, Y-D Customer Services Inc.
(Core business: repair and maintenance of computers and related equipment)
Mar. 1988 Opened Shinkoh Plant in Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture

Jun. 1993 Moved head offices to Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture
Jun. 1994 Altered the company name of Y-D Logistics to Y L Field Service
Mar. 1995 Established Y-E Data Company in Waukegan, Illinois, a joint venture with Yaskawa Electric America Inc.
Apr. 1995 Launched the sector of Data Recovery Services
Apr. 1997 Released the "two-dimensional laser marking unit"
Apr. 1998 Released "USB Interface Floppy Disk Drive"

May. 2000 Released Memory Card Reader / Writer
Dec. 2000 Opened the Taiwan Office
Jul. 2002 Bought back a controlling interest from Yaskawa Electric America Inc., allowing Y-E Data Company to became a wholly-owned subsidiary
Oct. 2002 Opened the Shanghai Office
Jun. 2004 Released an encoder device (servomotor position transducer)
Aug. 2004 Opened the 2nd Shinkoh Plant
Jul. 2005 Opened operations in the computer forensic service area
Oct. 2005 Released Photo KIOSK Card Reader
Mar. 2006 Established WILLSERVE Inc. (Core business: marking system services in Taiwan)
Aug. 2006 Released UWB Wireless USB products
Dec. 2007 Merged an affiliate company, Y-D Customer Services Inc.
Feb. 2008 Closed the Shanghai Office
Jan. 2009 Established YD Mechatro Solutions Inc.
Mar. 2009 Reorganized the bussiness and established a new system consisting of the following three operations (optomechatronics,Information Security and Information Multimedia).
Mar. 2009 Incresed the capital of YD Mechatro Solutions to 480 million yen and completed the transfer from Produce Co., Ltd. og its business.
Sep. 2009 Opened Kansai Service Center
Oct. 2009 Capital and business alliance with RayResearch Corporation
Nov. 2009 dissolved Y-E Data Company
Dec. 2009 Subscribed for new shares of Ray research Corporation allotted to third parties.
Aug. 2010 Sold the shares of KK YL Field Service.
Jun. 2011 Closed the Taiwan office and consolidated its function into WILLSERVER Inc.
Jan. 2012 Capital and business alliance with General Packer Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2012 Increased the capital of WILLSERVE Inc. to 55,000,000TWD.
Sep. 2014 Merged Y-D Mechatro Solutions into YE DATA INC.
Jul. 2015 All of the shares of YE DATA INC were exchanged to the shares of Yasukawa Electric Corporation and YE DATA INC became a hundred percent subsidiary of Yasukawa Electric Corporation.
(The shares of YE DATA INC became the unlisted shared.)
Jan. 2017 With respect to the division of the business related to the security of information.
Aug. 2018 On Separation of Business of Mechatrosolution

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