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Y-E Data has continuously developed products and services while constantly pursuing forward-looking technology and solid integrity.

However, in the FDD (floppy disk drive) and PC peripheral businesses we have participated in since our founding in 1973, there have been significant changes in the world-wide business environment, including short cycles of technological innovation and rapid shifts of manufacturing to Asia. Such changes have made it difficult to envision a model of growth in these mature markets.

To boldly meet the challenges of this new era, in 2011 while drawing to a close the FDD business, we seized the opportunity to reinvent the company centered on the new core business of optic and mechatronic solutions incorporating our innovative laser and mechatronic technologies.

Galvano scanner systems, employing laser application and electronics technologies developed through our LCD marking systems, are winning new markets, such as remote welding heads. Also, robot application systems and electrode coating units continue to expand new opportunities in Asian and Japanese product equipment markets.

Moreover, in cooperation with capital and business partners, we are expanding into new business areas, such as semiconductor and solar cell inspection equipment, food and medical industries.

By launching the company on a fresh start in response to changing trends, we can accelerate the innovation and reformation of the business, leading to a stronger Y-E Data.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in Y-E DATA Inc.

Kaneyuki Hamada President

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