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YE DATA INC. has continuously developed products and services aiming at futuristic technologies and trustworthiness.

Since its inauguration in1973 the Company has been strong at the businesses related to the devices peripheral to computer such as FDD. FDD business was closed in 2011 and the Company took it as the second inauguration and the chance to change itself to a company which conducts in the business of optic and mechatronic solutions that is the combination of laser and mechatronic technology and is expected to be growing business in the field of production of machines.
Totally digitalized Galvano scanner and opt-electronics products are used for remote welding machine and cutting in the business related to automobile and creating markets for electronic components as an optical unit for 3D printers and laser.

In addition the system for application of robot is creating the markets for foods, medicines and other industries in cooperation with YASKAWA Electric Corportion. the parent company, and General Packer Co. Ltd, a maker of package system.
Also the electronic painting system is steadily enlarging its market in the field of smartphone and electronic components for automobile.

At the time in July 2015 when the shares of the Company were delisted the Company, as a member of YASKAWA Electrtric group, and the synergy of YASKAWA group companies, and spiral level up of opt-mechatronic solutions, the Company as a whole is endeavored as if it is the second inauguration.

Hereinafter the Company will effectively operate the matured business much as liquid crystal marking and communication of information and expand and strengthen the businesses related to food , as a system integrator in robotics and direct subsidiary of a robot maker in the food market, aiming at strengthen of competitiveness and line up of products for new markets.

We would appreciate your continuous generous patronage.

Nobuyuki Ido President

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