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September 21 2014 The home page of YD Mechatro Solutions Inc. was closed.
September 21 2014 YD Mechatro Solutions Inc. merged into YE DATA INC.
March 07 2014 Renewal for the Products detail of Optomechtronics / Galvano scanner "MIRAMOTION" Optical application products
January 15 2014 Renewal for the Products detail of Optomechtronics / Robot application system for Food / Medical and FA
January 15 2014 Renewal for products information on the homepage of YD Mechatro Solution Inc.
August 21 2012 Renewal for top page,the introduced page of Y-E DATA group products and Company Information.
February 02 2012 Renewal for the Introdued page of Y-E-DATA group products and the products detail of Information multimedia
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